“Faith without action is dead.”  -(Letter of) James 2:17

A universal theme is found in all of the great religious traditions around the world: respect for the entirety of the creation. From the fundamentalist traditions to the secular humanists, believers are charged with the responsibility of maintaining and sustaining the nature of the planet.

Our world is in peril and unfortunately, prayer is not enough to save it. People of faith have a moral authority earned through years of practice and study that gives them the right and the obligation to speak to our legislators. This moral authority is necessary to push through the broken political will to pass climate change legislation. People of faith must speak up.

When the Jewish scholar Abraham Joshua Heschel was asked what he was doing marching in Selma with Martin Luther King Jr. on the Jewish Sabbath, he replied, “I’m praying with my feet.” We need you to pray with your feet as well.