light-switchRemember when you were a child and your mother yelled, “Turn off the light when you leave the room?








refrigerator-openRemember when your father would yell, “Shut the fridge door!”







screen-door-openIn the middle of the summer your parents would call out, “We are not paying to air condition the great outdoors!”








Your parents were talking about saving money while they were also trying to instill good and proper habits in you. They tried and hopefully they succeeded. . Today, while saving money is still important, we are demanding good habits to save watts. Less watts means less pollution.

An individual who proclaims to be a person of faith is making a statement of personal integrity. Stewardship of the planet has risen to be a critical point of personal integrity, no matter one is a human secularist or a traditional monotheist or any other faith tradition on the planet. Dedicating oneself to stewardship is living one’s faith – by example and by dedication.

Maybe you cannot march in the streets and you have signed one petition too many; however, you can teach your children and grandchildren to turn off the lights and close the doors. The lessons of a lifetime can become the saving grace for our planet.