NYSERDA’s energy audit: a great deal!

New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has a variety of programs available to any congregation served by a utility that collects a System Benefits Charge. Most congregations except those served by a municipal-owned utility are eligible.

And NYSERDA provides more than just energy audits. In fact, any NYSERDA program that applies to Commercial customers applies to houses of worship, too!

“Low Cost – No Cost” Energy Audit

Most congregations in New York State are eligible for a low cost energy audit from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). It’s a low-cost energy audit, but in effect it’s a “no-cost” energy audit since the cost of the audit is applied toward any of the recommended energy work you elect to do.

The price of the audit depends on your building’s electric bills:

  • For annual electric bills of $25,000 or less, the audit costs $100. This applies to most congregations’ buildings.
  • For annual electric bills of $25,000 to $75,000, the cost is $400.
  • If your electric bills are greater than $75,000, contact NYSERDA directly; their FlexTech Program might be a better fit for these buildings.

For more information, call 1-866-NYSERDA.

Example of an energy audit

Here’s an [intlink id=”105″ type=”page”]example of a real energy audit from Jonesville UMC[/intlink].

How to get your audit fee reimbursed

After its low initial cost, the best thing about the NYSERDA energy audit is that you even this cost is ultimately reimbursed.

The returnable fee that is charged for participation in the program was designed as a means of encouraging clients to actually make some of the recommended changes to save energy, so you need to show that you have spent at least the same dollar amount as your audit fee, in energy savings improvements, within a two-year period from the time of your audit to be reimbursed.

Just photocopy your receipts for these expenditures, and submit them with a brief note to:

Joanna Gomez
Small Business Energy Audit Program
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-6399

Tel: 1-866-NYSERDA (1-866-697-3732 Toll Free)

Interfaith Coaltion on Energy

Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE). Philadelphia, PA based organization whose mission is to inspire congregations to reduce the costs of operating their facilities. We guide congregations to use measurably less energy, to purchase energy at lower cost, and to anticipate and prevent problems with mechanical and electrical systems within their buildings. Our mutual goal is to create money for community service while practicing environmental stewardship. Services include a comprehensive energy audit. While their services are primarily local (within traveling range of Philadelphia, which includes portions of New York State), their website offers an extensive list of publications (most for a fee or donation) covering technical issues of energy performance and building operation, guidelines for design professionals involved with church construction and renovation, facility manager recruitment and training, and the relationship between energy use and religion.
7217 Oak Avenue
Melrose Park, PA 19027-3222
Telephone: (215) 635-1122
Fax: (215) 635-1903
Andrew Rudin, Project Coordinator
E-Mail: andrewrudin@earthlink.net