Faith-based materials throughout the year

As we gather them, we’ll post materials useful for various occasions for faith groups.

We have resources for:

Earth Day Resources

Please see resources at the national Interfaith Power and Light page as well as our own resources below:

  • National Council of Churches Eco-Justice ProgramClimate and Poverty Earth Day Sunday Resource: As people of faith, addressing climate change is a justice issue. This Earth Day, the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs is marking Earth Day Sunday (the Sunday closest to Earth Day) by recognizing the interconnectedness of poverty and climate change. Includes information on the problems of climate change and poverty, sermon starters, liturgy samples, adult and youth education resources, and action steps for individuals and congregations. For this resource…
  • The Evangelical Environmental NetworkCreation Sunday resources including worship materials, sermon outlines, illustrations, adult resources, youth resources, and scripture passages. For this resource…
  • Unitarian Universalist Ministry for EarthEarth Sunday resources: Includes opening words, hymn suggestions, a story for all ages, readings, homily, benediction; links to environmental sermons. For this resource… and additional resources…
  • Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) has resources that are suitable for Earth Day use. For these resource…
  • Episcopal Ecological Network – Earth Sunday materials include an Earth Day message from the EpEN and a bulletin insert, as well as Earth Day activities and resources. For this resource…
  • United Methodist Board of Discipleship – Festival of God’s Creation and Earth Day music resources. For this resource…
  • Sierra Club – Faith Goes Green resources includes a sermon and bulletin resource. At the bottom of this page….
  • Earth Day NetworkSomething We Can All Believe In: Including a Pulpit Pledge and worship resources. For this resource…
  • Earth Day TV – Two videos on Faith-based Responses to Global Warming For this resource, click on the Earth Day icon. (For Mac, you may have to go to the Earth Day Network website, click on the bottom of the Earth Day TV logo on the left hand menu, then click on EarthDay on the Earth Day TV menu.)

Season of Creation

In the seasons of Advent, Epiphany, Lent and Easter we celebrate the life of Christ. In the season of Pentecost we celebrate the Holy Spirit. Now, in the season of Creation, we have an opportunity to celebrate God, the Creator. For four Sundays in September, prior to St Francis of Assisi Day, we join in celebrating with Christ the wonders of creation. To learn more…


Follow the Star: Advent candle liturgy of the four directions

The Rev. Jan McClary Rowell, Troy Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, wrote this liturgy. It provides material for each Sunday of Advent and for Christmas Eve. Click to download.


Here are some resources for Lent.

New! Lenten Carbon Fast 2010

A calendar of 40 carbon-fasting actions in a simple, 2-page format. Thanks to our colleagues at Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light for this one! Download the calendar.

A version of this calendar that was tailored for use by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change and the Archdiocese of Washington can be found here.

Living in Lent

Living in Lent, Caring for Creation. 12 page resource created by Presbyterians for Earth Care (formerly Presbyterians for Restoring Creation) –which includes reflections written by past and present leadership and a list of 40 ways to fast and feast for God’s Creation. To download, go to Resources section.

Tread Lightly for Lent

A 40-day Lenten Calendar from the Presbyterian Church (USA) Environmental Ministries. As part of the reflective season of Lent, this calendar encourages us to learn about ecojustice issues and take action on the issues of waste, energy, water, consumption and food. Each of the 40 days of Lent has a topic to learn about or a suggested action for individuals and congregations.

Carbon Fast

Tearfund’s Carbon Fast 2010 is taking place February 17 to April 3, 2010. Tearfund is a UK nonprofit.

Caring for Creation

NYIPL’s Caring for Creation: A Prayer Action Guide A manual that includes information on the impact of global warming on New York State and what we in NYS can do about it, Bible readings, faith statements, prayers, and actions we can take. There are sections for Ash Wednesday and for each week in Lent. Adapted for New York State with permission. We are grateful to Linda Rimer, a member of Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church in Chapel Hill for sharing with us the concept of “fasting from carbon”.

Lenten Resource from the National Council of Churches

A Lenten Resource exploring Climate Justice and how it relates to each one of us in our daily lives and communities. Each week, the series will explore a new issue, lifting up stories from around the globe and providing ways that you and your congregation can help address climate change in your own lives.

Here are the topics that will be covered during Lent:

  • Climate change and Health
  • Climate change and Economic
  • Climate change and Development
  • Climate change and Disaster/Migration
  • Climate change and Food Security
  • Holy week reflections on climate justice

If you would like to receive these Lenten reflections and explorations on climate change please email Tyler with the subject “Lenten reflections” and your name will be added to the list.

Lenten Meditations

God, Earth and Us: Lenten Meditations on Our Relationship with Creation. To subscribe, send your name and email address to Rev. Jenny Phillips. Creation Change is a non-profit organization which equips people of faith for dynamic responses to our changing environment.

Powering Down

Powering Down: A Less is More Proposal This program includes a brochure and a program booklet. It has been borrowed with permission from the Catholic Committee of Appalachia and adapted for New York State. These free materials can be downloaded as .pdf files.