Speaking out and demanding legislative change is a distinct shift from a life of prayer, song, education and sharing meals in a house of worship. When most people join a congregation, they are seeking these basic concerns of raising families, feeding their souls, and finding like-minded people to befriend. Looking beyond these foundational needs to the tasks of turning faith into action does not come naturally to most. In fact, such tasks are often intimidating.

New York State orchard

When apples fall from the tree, the fruit rots and the seeds waste away. When someone takes an apple from the tree and discards the core on the side of the road, the seed takes root and another apple tree begins to grow. The seeds of change need to spread.

Climate change is not going away on its own nor is there anyone standing behind us who will take up the charge for us. We know what we must do and our faith compels to act. Those who oppose change because of their greed hope that your intimidation will keep you safely behind your congregation’s doors, never to emerge. Faith provides moral courage and strength of character. Use your faith to stand forth and demand that politicians act. When people of faith come knocking on the door, they listen.