In your House of Worship:

  • Form a green committee
  • Do an energy audit and set goals
  • Present energy plan and mission at board meeting
  • Advocate for a line item in the budget for green initiatives
  • Invite your local legislators to speak on climate change
  • Invite NYIPL to speak either at services or as a stand alone program

In your community:

  • Invite allied organizations to speak (see for a list)
  • Volunteer
  • Povide meeting space to organizations that compliment your mission
  • Attend city council meetings prepared to speak on the need for climate change legislation
  • Seek out other houses of worship who share your green mission
  • Setup a table at your county fair, teaching households how to Green Up.

In New York State:

  • Become an NYIPL advocate
  • Volunteer to help NYIPL teach congregations
  • Help strengthen NYIPL with a donation to the cause