• Energy Consumption

    Saving the planet begins with examining energy consumption. Every watt not burned is a watt that does not need to be generated. Houses of Worship are a great place to demonstrate and teach best practices for energy efficiency.

  • Energy Production

    Speak UP. How can we produce energy in a way that leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Advocacy

    Coming together to make a difference and make our voices heard.

  • Voices of Faith

    We are an interfaith organization, a coming together of different faiths to save the planet

New York Interfairth Power and Light - Who We Are

New York Interfaith Power and Light is an independent nonprofit (501C3) organization established in 2004. We represent over 110 communities of faith and thousands of individuals to be the moral response to climate change in New York State.

We are part of a consortium of forty other state-based IPL’s, loosely organized under a national organization, Interfaith Power & Light. Beyond our primary concerns within New York State, we collaborate with other IPL’s on regional and national issues.

Our membership includes clergy, lay leaders, lay members, and experts in the energy sector. From Long Island to Buffalo, NYIPL works with houses of worship, interfaith organizations, judicatory bodies, and other environmental organizations to reduce our carbon footprints and advance climate friendly legislation.

Our Executive Director is Rabbi Glenn Jacob. He can be reached at gjacob@nyipl.org.

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Rabbi Glenn Jacob – TEDx Talk

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