Faith Day of Action – March 11, 2021

The time has arrived for faith to send a message to our state legislators. The Climate and Community Investment (CCIA) is a zero-sum bill, raising the billions we must spend to convert to a green economy with environmental justice through a carbon tax on the biggest carbon polluters in the state. This is the “Make Polluters Pay” bill.

The scientists have made their points. The environmental engineers have brought forth their plans and the government accountants have demonstrated how we can build a green economy without adding to the state deficit. The organizers and lobbyists have already visited legislators and those senators and assembly-people who champion climate change legislation have stepped up.

We are not there yet.

The final push to get the CCIA in the budget reconciliation process requires one final push: the moral demand.

WHO: Houses of Worship, Organizations, Religious Leaders, Spiritual Seekers

WHEN: Thursday, March 11, 2021

WHAT: Anything organized directed at our legislators: Put the CCIA into the budget. Any action will do: public prayers, lobby visits, letter-writing campaign, letters to editor, protest, teach-in – just about anything to get legislators to see religious folk are paying attention to the CCIA and as people of faith, they care.

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“The question from your religious constituents is: Are you going to spend state funds with integrity, namely the CCIA and its goals to address climate change, or are you going to squander the short nine-year window we have to address climate change? We are the first generation to confront climate change and we are the last generation that can address climate change.”

Rabbi Glenn Jacob