Free Encyclical Climate Action Kit

Interfaith Power & Light and the Catholic Climate Covenant have teamed up teamed up to bring you our Pope Francis’ encyclical Climate Action Kit – a guide for communities of all faiths. As noted in the kit, “Putting the ecological encyclical into action can be simple. You’ll receive a step-by-step guide to understand and apply the encyclical, shrink your carbon footprint, and advocate for policy change.”

In the kit you’ll be guided through these 5 steps to take climate action:

1. Understand the encyclical
Find and select quotes for your use from the Pope’s 184-page encyclical on ecology. Additionally, find links to the encyclical news coverage and analysis.

2. Talk about it
Use sample Creation and Climate sermons, social media graphics and sample tweets. Find guidelines for hosting a discussion and submitting letters to the editor.

3. Stand with Pope Francis
Stand with Pope Francis by adding your name to pledges provided by
Catholic Climate Covenant and Interfaith Power & Light.

4. Start a team, go green
Find inspiration and tips for forming a green team, cutting your carbon footprint, and saving money that can be used to advance your mission.

5. Take action
Participate in advocacy to ask Congress to support the Green Climate Fund to help the nations suffering most from the effects of climate change.

Thank you for helping to amplify Pope Francis’ call to action! Get your free Climate Action Kit today.

Fracking Ban in New York State Made Official!

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced on June 29th that high-volume hydraulic fracturing is now banned in New York State. The ban was made official with the recent release of the state’s Final Findings Statement.

This is a true grassroots victory! New Yorkers like you kept up the pressure on the Governor and lawmakers, making phone calls and sending messages. Thank you for your efforts.

Please join us in calling Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390 to thank him for protecting our state from fracking.

Speak Up

Speak Up, advocating and lobbying,  is bringing the power of moral authority to the political process. Whether it’s lobbying legislators, attending rallies, signing letters or speaking at public hearings – NYIPL mobilizes people of faith across the state to engage in the political process.

As one house of worship, any of us can find ourselves easily dismissed but when we stand together as one united voice of many faiths across New York State, our representatives take note. In 2016, we are are already making a difference, pushing legislators and regulatory agencies to put climate change at the forefront. We visit our representatives and our senators, both State and National, and lobby for legislation based on climate science as our conscience demands. 

You are invited to join us.  Our legislators pay attention when we, their constituents, take the time to meet with them, either in their Albany office or in-district.  You can find your Assembly member here and find your state Senator here

Here are eight tips for an effective citizen lobbying visit:

  1. Make an appointment. Call, be polite, and request a meeting with your Senator or Assembly member. They will most likely direct you to a staff member who handles the energy portfolio.
  2. Prepare your case for support on the issue but conclude with a specific ask. If there is already a bill, tell the legislative consultant the name of the bill and its number. Summarize your points on a page you can leave with the office along with your contact information.
  3. Dress neatly: business attire is necessary. If you have a suit, wear it.
  4. Be on time. Better yet, be early.
  5. During your visit, remain polite and patient but stay on topic. Be prepared to bring the conversation back to climate change if you are lead off-topic.
  6. Tell your personal story — why are you concerned about global warming? Reference your faith tradition and how that informs your concern.
  7. It’s ok say “I don’t know” if you are asked a question you can’t answer. This gives you an opportunity to follow up after the meeting with a response.
  8. Lastly, call or email NYIPL to tell us about your visit! We want to know how it went, and we’ll feature a quote from you on our website! Your experience will help inform and inspire others.

Climate Ride 2015

Climate Ride

starsIts time again for the Climate Ride!

If you enjoy biking (or hiking), consider joining one of these rides (or hikes), which benefit organizations like New York Interfaith Power & Light. Please contact us if you would like to ride on behalf of NYIPL!

Climate Ride California North Coast

May 17-21 Humboldt to San Francisco (
The epic coastal route returns! This gorgeous ride begins in the Redwood Empire near Eureka and ventures into the famed Russian River Valley before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

Climate Hike Glacier National Park

August 24-28 (
This hike is limited to 30 participants and has reached capacity, but a wait list is started. Please add your name to the wait list here.

Climate Ride Northeast

September 17-21 Bar Harbor, Maine to Boston (
This inaugural ride begins in Bar Harbor, Maine where riders will pedal Downeast through Acadia National Park before experiencing Maines rocky coast. From there, well travel south and visit lighthouses, sample local foods and ride through scenic coastal towns. Then, its an exciting ride following the route of the Founding Fathers for the celebratory end in Boston.

Climate Ride Midwest

September 27-30 Grand Rapids to Chicago (
Cycle through beautiful western Michigan (known as Cape Cod of the Midwest). Enjoy sailing towns, wonderful bike paths, blueberry picking, local beers and wines, and friendly people all culminating in a triumphant ride into Chicago.

Climate Hike Bryce-Zion

October 6-10 (
Spend five days hiking in two of the most epic National Parks in the US with 25 others. Explore Southern Utahs Grand Staircase an immense structure of sedimentary rock layers carved by nature into beautiful canyons and formations.

Cool Congregations Challenge 2014

Challenge Photos

Win $1000!

Your congregation is eligible to enter IPL’s Cool Congregations Challenge if it has finished an energy efficiency, renewable energy, or grounds and water conservation project this year, or if it has engaged your community in response to global warming. There is also a planning category for those who have recently finished their energy audit and developed plans for improvements.

Good luck everyone! Deadline for entries: Dec. 15, 2014 — here’s the guide.