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Glenn Jacob

Rabbi Glenn Jacob is the executive director of the New York chapter of Interfaith Power & Light. He is also the interfaith chaplain  at Adelphi University on Long Island. Before coming to NYIPL he served synagogues from the Deep South to Long Island for over 25 years. In the Deep South, Rabbi Jacob was a civil rights advocate on issues of church and state, reproductive rights, hate group monitoring with the Southern Poverty Law Center, and funding for public education. In Philadelphia Rabbi Jacob was the founding chair of the Interfaith Gathering of Lower Bucks (County). He is also an accomplished storyteller and a teacher at the national conferences on Jewish Education.

He delivered a TEDx Talk at Adelphi University in 2016 titled “God in the Public Square.” The TEDx Talk is available on Youtube.

Rabbi Jacob is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in philosophy. He received a Master’s Degree in Hebrew and ordination from Hebrew Union College (HUC) in Cincinnati. He recently received his Doctor of Divinity from HUC.

He can be reached at gjacob@nyipl.org

6 thoughts on “Executive Director

  1. I am the (part-time, Mondays and Thursdays) executive director for the Rhode Island Interfaith Power & Light Group. I write to ask if you have a few minutes available for a telephone call to discuss opportunities for regional collaboration, in advance of our scheduled February 10 conference call. I look forward to meeting you and thank you for your consideration.


  2. Hello Mr. Jacob. I would like to get in touch with you or Ms. Elysa Hammond, VP of BoD.

    I am a Muslim scientist by formal training and I started an organic farm in central Jersey in 2007 aiming to make it an interfaith effort to practice environmental stewardship and make healthy organic food affordable to the average American who cannot afford Wholefoods prices.

    I’d like to speak with either of you to see if NYIPL can help me locate non-Muslim partners in the central NJ area. My cell phone is 609-977-1783

    Thank you.
    Dr. Hisham Moharram

  3. Hi – I’m working on a Energy for the Future tour in Onondaga County in CNY for Earth Day. Who do I send information to to help spread the word about this event. The local Director for Interfaith Power & Light left a few months ago.

    Pete Wirth

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